New Rewards and Points System at JEC Store

We are excited to announce that we started to provide rewards and points program to thank members and teachers for being supporters. You can select to use the points at the payment method process. 

You will earn 1 reward point for every $1 USD (varies in currencies) purchase.
Then, rates of your spending rate are as follows.

  • General    600 Reward point(s) = $1

  • Member    400 Reward point(s) = $1 

  • Teacher    200 Reward point(s) = $1 

For example, if you have 800 points,member can redeem to $2, and General customer can redeem to $1.33
Minimum reward points balance to be available to redeem is 200
Each earned Reward point(s) record expires in 365 days.
Special points may be offered with shorter expiration (eg. 500 pt which expires after 7 days etc.)

You will be able to earn by taking below actions:

  • Registration - 10 points
  • Newsletter signup - 10 points
  • Refer to your friends - 30 points
  • Points awarded to customers for their referral's purchases - 50 points
  • Points awarded to customers for their referral's purchases (50% from purchase sum)
  • Tagging product - 10 points
  • Customer’s birthday (please enter your birthday in your account) - 50 points

You will be able to know when the earned points expire from below (login required):
You can also turn ON/OFF the update notification. 

How to use points

1. At the Payment Information process of Checkout page, please make sure to select "Use my Reward point(s)" and enter how many points you would like to redeem.

how to use rewards point

2. After you select the payment method, click "Continue" and finish rest of the process.